The Cabin

In December 2001, we were given a log cabin. My sister is a builder, and on one of their lots was a small home that was to be demolished for the new home. As the tractor began to push the stone fireplace down, she noticed that hiding beneath the plank siding was a piece of history...a perfectly preserved log cabin. Calling off the tractor, she immediately began calling local presevation groups, county government offices, historical societies, trying to find someone that could relocate it and save it. Everyone was interested, but no one could take it! Red tape, finances, and politics all threw up brick walls, and my sister was on a time line to get their house built, too.

To make a long story short, we were given this log cabin..and we had one week to decide what to do with it! We have 52 acres, but we had to have a place that fit a log cabin, but it had to be accessable for the huge truck that was to deliver it. We soon found that we couldn't get the foundation built and trees cut or tractor work done in time. It looked as if the little cabin would be demolished and burned, and it broke all of our hearts. The next morning after I fed our horses, I sat down in the doorway of the barn and tried again to think of a place for that cabin. It was a cold, crisp day. The sun had begun to climb higher in the sky, and there was a misty fog through the woods. As I turned to do a final check on the horses, the sun crested the tree tops and its rays descended like huge spikes on the little ridge above the barn. "How beautiful!" I thought. The fog traveled through the rays of sunshine, and I remember thinking that it looked like the wood's ghosts were dancing! I walked up the little road and sat down in the spot of sunshine. The view was wonderful. The barn and horses, and I could see the lake in front of me and the woods behind me. The warmth of the sun felt good. I sat there enjoying the beauty and the silence... and then I began to envision the cabin. Returning with my husband and a measuring tape, we soon discovered that it fit perfectly into the space, and only two trees would have to come down. The following pictures tell the story of our cabin. It is still a work in progress, but we have camp outs, cookouts, and picnics there, and it is almost a sacred place to me...a place to go to a simpler time.

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